Monday, April 18, 2011

Taco Salad for Dinner Tonight

I recently made a big batch of black beans and froze them in 1 cup batches in the freezer. Today I pulled them out and use them in my taco salad bowls. I buy the Azteca brand to save on time but you can easily make these shells by heating a inch of oil in a frying pan and once hot placing a flour tortilla in it. It will puff up so you will have to punch a hole in it with a knife to let the steam escape. Remove to a paper towel on top of a bowl to get the shape and let cool and drain.
 I use a huge Tupperware Thatsabowl to throw everything into. I made the ground beef earlier in the day adding the black beans and taco seasoning. The taco bowls can be made that day. I also very what meat I use. Sometimes I will grill chicken. You may also substitute tortilla chips.
throw the black bean ground beef mixture in the fridge

Taco Salad                                               
1 lb ground beef
1 tub of cherry or grape tomatoes
3 carrots chopped
1 cup black beans
1 avocado chopped and 1 squirt lemon
cheese of your choice
salad dressing of your choice
taco bowls or tortilla chips
2 romaine hearts chopped

Brown ground beef and add taco seasoning and a small amount of water. Add black beans and do not overcook. Turn off heat and cool down meat mixture and throw in the fridge. Dice all of the ingredients and throw in a huge bowl. Over the avocado spray some lemon juice to avoid discoloring. Serve over tortilla chips or in taco bowls topping with the dressing of your choice and a pinch of cheese.

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