Sunday, April 3, 2011

Living off Groupons for the Next Few Days

I love Groupon and have a few I have been wanting to use. In case you don't know what Groupon is, it's like a coupon co-op. A offer is presented and if enough people join in your area, you receive the Groupon. For example you pay $15 for $50 worth of food at a restaurant. They also have spa services, events, and hotel stays. I recently bought a certificate to spend on eBay. It's available around the nation. You can click this link and change it to your area.
The one I wanted to use this A.M. was for a local bakery. Alas, they were closed. Ham and rolls are a big thing here on Sunday and I was disappointed.

The Groupon I am using tonight is for a Mexican restaurant. I get $35 to spend on whatever food I want. It will be feeding my family of 4 and I just have to leave a tip. Can't wait to go food shopping on Tuesday!

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