Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shopping Day and Menu for the Week

I once again went shopping before double coupon day. It is really killing me I couldn't double my coupons but it is my hubbys week on work so I have to go shopping when I can. I picked up some good deals today. They were clearing out the Mexican foods section. I picked up some lard  $1.27 normally over $5.00. Split peas (for the left over hambone on Easter) for under a buck, and a huge 4 lb bag of black beans for $1.45. I love black beans refried, in the crock pot, ontop of salads. I also might make a soup with them. I also plan on making some tamales on my week off in our turkey fryer outside.

Here is my plan for meals this week:
salad night with marinated grilled chicken (Sunday)
meatloaf muffins and a potato (last night)
steak and mushroom French Onion dip sandwiches
chicken tamale casserole with black beans
egg bake casserole for dinner
BBQ chicken pizza
taco salad bowls with ground beef

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