Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Plan for the Week...Haystick Zucchini and Onions and Burgers for Dinner

I am making indoor grilled hamburgers for dinner tonight because we have hail outside! I have sent him out in rain but never hail lol  Did I ever tell you how much I love my Hamilton Beach indoor grill? I use it for everything!
Tonight I want to make haystack onion and zucchini for the side. I am picking through coupons and adjusting my list. Shopping is tomorrow.

So far my ideas for the week are:
taco salad last night
today hamburgers and onion and zucchini haystacks
peppered honey salmon
lamb steaks or chops
chicken and pork enchiladas with the left over frozen tamale meat
ham, ham, ham! SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY lol
sides: mandarin orange fluff, smashed potatoes with garlic and heavy cream, yams with marsh mellows, green beans (the fresh kind) devilled eggs and some other stuff I am sure I forgot.
These are the haystack zucchini and onions I made for dinner.

Haystack Onions and Zuchinni
 1 can evaporated milk
1 zucchini cut into planks and julienned
2 large onions cut into thin slices
2 cups flour
1 tsp Zatarains Cajun seasoning
2 cups oil
paper plates and paper towels
A metal slotted spoon

Once your onion and zucchini are sliced throw them in a bowl that is filled with evaporated milk. With your hands give them a toss. I use one "dirty" hand that only touches the flour and one hand for the frying. Use your dominant hand for the frying. You don't want to have an accident!  Season the flour with the Zatarains and throw a hand full of the onion rings into the flour tossing to coat. Heat oil on medium high heat and it's ready when you begin to see ripples form at the bottom. I love peanut oil because it has a nutty flavor and a high smoking point. They cook very quickly. Drop a handful in and give a stir with your slotted spoon so they don't stick together.  Remove them when they are a light brown to a paper towel. Season with more Cajun seasoning. You will need to put the haystacks on  another paper towel and flip over to drain.

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