Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friday Was Groupon Night

I have bought a number of Groupons over the last year. Most of them are for dining but others are for things like spa services, skydiving, cup cakes,  or a all you can drink margarita cruise. Groupons are a locally offered coupon in your area. If enough people buy them, you've won the Groupon. You can click this link and then click on the city to select yours. You get steep discounts on many varieties of things.

Last night I had a $40 Groupon to Chili Lili's Chili bar. Although the service was very slow the food was pretty good. My food did come out a bit cooler that I like though. My hubby had the Buffalo chicken wing chili with blue cheese on top. Mine was Texas Chili with steak in it. My stomach hurts today because of the habeneros! I wouldn't go out to eat unless I have a Groupon or a certificate. I am just too frugal. We ended up paying $7.00 for our whole meal last night. Not bad for the three of us! Our oldest daughter wanted to stay home so she missed out!

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