Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shopping Day and Menu for the Week

I have't been to the store in about a week and a half. You know how they say never go to the grocery store hungry? That's correct! I still did ok. I traded in some coins at the coinstar machine. It came to exactly $17.00 then I had 5 coupons. It was double double coupon day so they double up to 5 dollar coupons. My bill was $87 and I saved $15.00 with coupons.

I started Sensa this week too. It's a powder you sprinkle over your food and works with your sense of smell to curb appetite. So far so good. I am down about 5 lbs for the week. I have also been trying to walk each day too.

My eldest daughter has decided to go vegetarian so I am trying to incorporate some veggie meals for her sake. Last night we had Classico cheese sauce over linguine with chicken. I made hers without the chicken and added the chicken to ours. She also has a project due tomorrow which she hasn't even started. Hence the hair pulling!

Well here is what I have planned for the week:
chicken patty sandwiches and home made fries
steak and potatoes (veggie burgers for my daughter)
lasagna with egg plant
stir fry sugar snap peas and chicken
mango and black bean salad and shrimp
kale chips to snack on
Mexican pizza

I know there is more but I have to run out the door for work:)

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