Saturday, May 7, 2011

Groupon Friday and the Thor Premier

My hubby and I don't get a date night that often and it was our first chance to test my oldest daughters babysitting skills. She is finally at the age where she is able to babysit her sister. The question was would my younger one be alive when we got home?

About a week ago I got notice from Groupon they were giving us free tickets to go see the new movie "Thor" staring Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth. I also had some Groupons I needed to use at the mall and for dinner so I was very excited. Groupon is a discounted deal offered in your area daily. If enough people buy into it you get to buy it. You just click on this link and choose your area.

We went to the Body Shop first. I had a Groupon for $45 worth of the Body Shop products. For a bit they had been offering buy 3 get two free but alas I missed that special. Instead they had thirty percent off gift baskets. This is what I got! I also purchased a face moisturizer with SPF. I work outsides sometimes and have very sensitive skin. I am happy I can use their products.
Then it was off to the movie premier. We got there around 6:30p.m. and saw a Groupon area set up. We were given our movie tickets, two vouchers for pop corn and soda and a head band with the Groupon logo on it. Here's my hubby showing our swagger lol!
I didn't think I would like the movie based on the previews I had seen but it was pretty good. It was on one of those huge ultra screens and we were pretty close but the chairs recline so you can be comfortable. My only complaint was the half hour of movie previews before the movie!

From there it was off to use another Groupon to Rustico pizza. We had thirty dollars to spend. The only problem was it was a Friday night and downtown. There was no parking except for in a parking garage across the street. Once we found a spot we went in to the charming pizza place. It had the original old floors and cream brick walls. I loved the ambiance.

Neighter my hubby nor I our drinkers so we each had diet cokes. I don't like meat on my pizza and my hubby does so we had to order a build your own pizza. He got sausage and pepperoni and I had the eggplant, feta cheese, black olives and artichokes on my side. We also ordered these yummy meatballs and garlic bread for our appetizer. The only question was would we spend over our Groupon? Yes we did a bit. Our bill was $9.00 plus the tip. Not bad for a dinner out and we had half of a pizza to take home.

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