Monday, June 6, 2011

Taking a Break from Cooking for the Next Few Days

Today is nearly one hundred degrees out and the weather is going to be the same for the next few days. The plan is to not cook anything that requires the oven or cooking inside. Today we used the last of our Quiznos Groupon so I didn't have to cook at all tonight. Groupon is a coupon that is availble to a certain number of people. If you enough people buy in you get the Groupon.

I also bought one today for boot camp. I am not too sure about this one! It means I will have to work out and sweat! I bought one for my hubby too so he will have to come with me. Misery loves company right?

I am hoping to get to the store on Wednesday. Last night I made my hubby's favorite arroz con polo.
Here is the link to the blog. time I didn't have the chicken boulion so I used one of the flazor packets from a pack of chicken Ramen noodles. (my youngest loves them) I also ran out of onion so I used green onions instead. The chicken thighs I usually have on hand. Whenever they go on sale I divide them up and freeze them. The rice was my lunch today.

I have a taste for dumplings. If it weren't a million degrees out I may make some.

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