Thursday, June 2, 2011

Free Rooty Tootie From IHop and Taco Dinner

My husband signed each of us up for the IHop pancake club and we each had breakfast for free on the house this morning at IHop. I didn't take my camera with me but I had the strawberry pancakes with whipped cream and they were awesome! The Wii said I lost 5 lbs today so I guess I was doing a bit of self sabotaging. You can find the sign up on facebook.

We felt like total pigs after breakfast and went for a hour walk to Grant Park. It's right against Lake Michigan and like going into the forest. It's complete with a series of wooden bridges. Hence the name Seven Bridges.

Also today Old Navy is having a Groupon for $10 you get $20 worth of merchandise. Not a bad deal! My hubby and I each bought one.

Lunch my hubby had a gift card for BW3's. I had the side salad with the chicken soft taco. My hubby had the cheeseburger sliders. For our chicken wings I had the mango habenero and he had the honey bbq. Both our lips and throats were burning! I had a full glass of water and a huckleberry tea. When we got to the car our lips were still burning.

Dinner tonight we are doing the build your own taco. I have some veggie soy crumbles for my oldest and the rest of us are having ground beef. I have seasoning to use from the Milford Spice company. I have a feeling it may last me the whole year.

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