Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Review of Sanfords' Shrimp and Orzo

Sanford D'Amato is a culinary genius around these parts. He has cooked for the likes of Julia Child and has several restaurants here around Milwaukee. One of them I have a Yelp coupon for and can't wait to have lunch there! Anywhoo! In the Milwaukee Journal Sunday Food Section, there was a recipe by Sanford for Shrimp and Orzo.

I love shrimp even though I get itchy:) This recipe was my first time making a shrimp stock. It took a bit longer but the end result was magnifico! The complete recipe can be found on This is how I made it. I had to make a few substitutions because I really didn't check my shopping list that well this week. But all went well.
shrimp stock

First I peeled the shrimp and reserved their shells. The peeled shrimp were added to a bowl that had  marinade of lemon juice, oil, garlic, and mint.  I then added the shrimp shells to a pot with 2 TBSP oil. I didn't have shallots but added onion and let the onions cook down for a minute. Next I added about 1 tsp. Paprika. I only had the Hungarian, about 1 tsp. of oregano, and then 2 Bay leaves. I also added a cup of white wine and let that reduce until the pan was almost dry. Then to that a cup of water was added and brought up to a boil.

Once the stock was brought to a boil it was turned off and covered. It steeped for about 15 minutes and then was drained through a fine mesh strainer.

Next I started the orzo by sauteing some onions (supposed to be shallots) I used about 2 cups of orzo which I then browned for a few minutes in the onions and oil.  I had to increase my liquid by about a cup in addition to the shrimp stock.  The pasta took about 15 minutes to get to the right consistency. It reminded me of making risotto. I finished it off with salt, pepper, and butter.  My hubby grilled the shrimp on skewers outside for 3 minutes per side. This recipe was well worth all the steps and I would make it again. Except, I may have a glass of wine myself.

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