Monday, October 1, 2012

Jam, Tamales, and Quiche. A Busy Weekend

Not only did I have a ton of homework this weekend, but I decided to make jam for the first time, make tamales, and quiche. The tamales count towards my Spanish grade and they fill our bellies. I started out on Saturday by boiling a whole chicken for two hours until it was fork tender. And I made a pork roast in the crock pot. After they were shredded I mixed in the spices and we used some of the meat for tacos that night.

Sunday morning is our "Special Breakfast" morning and I woke up and made Trisha Yearwoods' Quiche except I added browned chorizo. It turned the quiche a pretty red!

On Sunday I prepared the MAseca and soaked the husks for about 2 hours. I warmed the chicken broth I had reserved from the chicken I boiled the night before. I added the spices to the MAseca and before I knew it I was ready to start making tamales. It did go a bit faster this time. My hubby helped me for about 5 minutes and within a hour or so I had about 7 dozen tamales. (I am taking half of those to school so it looks like I will be spending another weekend to make tamales!) It was off to the stove where I added some water for steaming. Two and a half hours later. They were finished! I did have to check 3 for doneness. Poor me! Here is the recipe in my blog here:

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