Sunday, October 14, 2012

More Jam: Strawberry-Jalapeno

My first 6 jars of strawberry-plum jam were gone in a matter of days. I found myself on the hunt for something new and found this recipe for strawberry-jalapeno jam. I held back the number of peppers I used.  I used 5 with the seeds removed and deveined.  My children are used to spicy food but I also wasn't sure how much would be too much in this recipe. I probably could have gotten away with two peppers. Instead of the 8 8 ounce jars I ended up having enough for 10.

I used two lbs. of strawberries and 5 large jalapenos diced. I washed the jars out in hot and soapy water and then boiled them until I was ready to use as well as the lids. I hulled and diced the strawberries and then diced the jalapeno. The important thing to remember is to dice the jalapeno small enough so your consumer won't get a huge chunk of hotness and pepper. My pics are a little blurry today. My Kodak is on it's last leg.

 Once I added the jalapeno to the strawberries. I added the pectin. I used Mrs. Wages and gave it a stir. I turned the heat on high and with a hand held potato masher smashed the strawberries down. I began to add the 6 1/2 cups sugar gradually and mixing it in with the fruit and 2 TBSP lemon juice.   I let it come up to a boil and made sure the sugar was dissolved by stirring and stirring. This took a few minutes.

Finally, it was time to jar. It's important to keep your jars hot when adding hot liquids. I pulled out 3 jars at a time and used a ladle to fill them just below the lip. I ended up with 9 jars. I then applied the lids being careful not to get jam on the lip of the glass container. Once all the containers were filled, I dropped them into the water bath with my hand dandy grip.

The jars were processed for 10 minutes in boiling water covering the jar tops with the lid on the pot. I then removed them and let them sit on a towel to rest for about 8 hours. In that time the lids usually seal. If they don't you have to refrigerate the jam right away.

This jam is great over cream cheese and served at parties with crackers. I also had it this morning for breakfast.

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