Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday To My Baby!

It's hard to believe my youngest daughter is 7 today! We have to watch every penny since my hubby took such a pay cut. That didn't mean we couldn't have a fabulous birthday. I made a delicious Funfetti cake with cream cheese frosting. Total cost around $5.00 with the plates, candle, and metal throw away pan. It tasted just as good as a $25.00 half a sheet cake from our local grocer.
Next I went to the local dollar store. I love that Claire's birthday is in October. It allows us to incorporate Halloween into her Birthday. Each girl got a bag with eyeball bubbles, a bat headband, and candy. A few years back we had a costume party. We only had room for three in our car so it was a smaller celebration this time.

We took the girls to Chuck E. Cheeses. There is one near our house but it's really run down. We chose to go to one a bit further out. We had a coupon for tokens 100 for $20.00. Surprisingly, this lasted the girls for 2 whole hours! I couldn't imagine having an actual party there. I looked at one of the cakes they were offering and mine was twice the size for a third of the price.

Our next decision was to get pizzas from Little Caesar's. What a great value their pizzas are! $5.00/each for a sausage and one pepperoni. The cost of this birthday was around $45.00. We had a blast!

Later that night my mother came over and we had home made chicken flautas and Spanish rice. I will post those pics tomorrow.

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