Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trip and Menu for the Next Week Plus Reubens

I went grocery shopping yesterday. I spent a bit over my budget. I wanted to spend around $60 but ended up spending $82 and saving $39 in coupons. I also got $10 off instantly off at checkout for buying 6 General Mills Cereals and earned a free milk for next time.

I got 50 bonus box tops for my DD's school too! If you bought three Grands rolls you got free eggs. And if you bought their meal deal which was boneless skinless chicken breasts you got free carrots, onion, and shrooms. On top of that it was double coupon day so I saved another $10.00 there getting a whole bunch of pantry items for little to no cost. It's a shame that my store only lets me double up to 5 coupons. I would love to go coupon crazy!

So the plan at least til Wednesday is:

taco salad over tortilla chips and with french dressing
Tonight Reubens with the left over corned beef
biscuit and chicken pot pie
oven fried baked tilapia
arroz con pollo or tortilla chicken soup
bubble pizza made with biscuits
sausage gravy over biscuits maybe a breakfast for dinner at the end of the week
chicken picatta

homemade shamrock shakes.. I didn't get to have one at Mickey D's
root beer cupcakes

Easy Pleasy Reubens

Left over corned beef sliced
1 can Frank's Kraut 2 TBSP kraut per sandwich
2 TBSP Thousand Island Dressing per sandwich
Beefsteak Rye bread
Swiss cheese
butter (we use Country Crock for Spreading)

This is just as easy as making a grilled cheese but a thousand times better! I like to get all my ingredients out and assemble the sandwich in the grilling pan. I first butter one slice and place in a hot pan and smear the Thousand Island on with a spoon add the kraut, and the corned beef. Top with the cheese. Butter the top slice of bread. Spread the remainder of the dressing on the back side of the bread and top the Reuben. Flip over after about 2-3 minutes when a nice crust forms. There is just something about the left over BBQ sauce from the night before that adds something to the sandwich.

I have a taste for soup today so I might make us some tomato.

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