Sunday, August 14, 2011

What to Do at the State Fair? Eat!

The Wisconsin State Fair is known for it's long history and its' cream puffs. For many including myself it's the main reason to go to the fair. This year as usual it was hotter than heck out. I thought it would have cooled down because we had a morning rain. When we got to the Fair the sun was out full blast and temps were in the mid 80's. 

Our first stop was in the products building where they sell all those TV gadgets. Luckily it's air-conditioned in there! Our first fried food item of the day was a fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a stick. It was a battered Uncrustable with a stick through it. The price for everything seemed $5.00!
At the Machine Shed we also purchased "deep-fried" butter. Just imagine sticking a pat of butter in your mouth and melting it. It was pretty gross! This is the same place we purchased chocolate covered bacon last year. That was a good combination because of the sweet and salty.

Pretty close to where we found the pb and j was the hot dog wrapped in bacon. This was the biggest waste of money of the day. I wish I would have stuck with the good ole fashioned corn dog. The bacon was greasy as well as the hot dog. Price tag, you guessed it: $5.00.
Next it was one of my favorite finds of the day. It was a bacon and maple syrup ice cream. Again the sweet and salty worked well together.

And finally, the item you go to the Wisconsin State Fair for and dream about all year, the cream puff. By this time it was burning out and we grabbed a 6 pack to go which sent us back $18.00. They have gone up in price but are well worth it.

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