Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Here's the Plan for This Week

I went shopping today and got a whole bunch of stuff for free! When you bought the pot roast which was a 4 pounder, you got potatoes, celery, and carrots for free. I cut the roast up and now I have enough for three different meals. I also got free orange juice when I bought 5 Quaker cereal items at $2/each. I ended up spending about $85 and saving $35 in coupons.

Here's some of what I will be making this week. I have been doing Weight Watchers on my own. I have done it a few times so I have all the info.

Last night I made a Mediterranean Chickpea stew with Chicken tonight Pot Roast with my homemade French Onion soup I freeze
salsa chicken quesidillas with homemade Spanish rice
Greek style Nachos (from my Weight Watchers cook book)
Progresso soups for lunch
Imitation crab salads stuffed in Pitas for lunch
Pita pizzas for lunch
home made mac and cheese
turkey burgers with homemade fries
blue cheese stuffed chicken breast with potato

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