Sunday, May 19, 2013

Yelp! Second Annual Brew City Bash at Milwaukee County Historical Society

Being a foodie I of course am right at home at Yelp! For those of you that don't know, is a site dedicated to all things food in your city. Whenever you need a recommendation on where to go or an idea on menus, you can always get an honest opinion there. It even has an Apple app. now.

Last night was the Second Annual Brew City Bash themed after "The Great Gatsby." Everyone was asked to dress up in 20's style clothing.  It was held in the beautiful Milwaukee County Historical Society building in downtown Milwaukee. You may recognize the interior of this building from the Johnny Depp movie "Public Enemies."  Scenes were shot here and throughout Milwaukee and Wisconsin. At first glance the interior is stunning. There are huge vaults that were once used to hold money. We were able to walk inside and see their sheer magnitude.

Karma Hamburger Sliders
There were various local food vendors and what would Milwaukee be with out some beer and spirits?  Bryant's Cocktail lounge which has long been a staple of specialty drinks on Milwaukee's South side provided what I thought was the best cocktail of the night. I was told it was a champagne Lapham punch. There were other distilleries such as Great Lakes Distillery which also had a delicious vodka lemonade type punch.
Bryant's Cocktail Lounge

There were delicious bites from pot stickers to a mini hamburger bar provided by Karma. That was one of my favorite bites all night! There was also a delicious tuna tartar, octopus salad, and some delicious chocolates from Atomic Chocolates. They were delicious and I am excited to find out they are located on 1st Street on my ride in to MATC.

My favorite bite of the night was from Maxie's in Wauwatosa. It was a craw fish etouffee. The sausage added a depth and smokiness to the sauce. I can't wait to eat there this summer!
Maxie's Craw fish Etouffee

We had the chance to take pictures in a photo booth  By that time I was feeling really happy and we weren't sure what we were doing. I loved the theming of the event and the location. I am proud to be a Yelper and can't wait together with all my fellow foodies!

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