Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ham! How Long Do I Bake This For?

My brain isn't working too well today! We have a Cook's bone in ham shank and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out how long to bake it! It's a 12 pound ham shank with a bone. Baking is 20-25 minutes a pound. I make the same glaze every year to put on top of the ham. Instead of basting it at the end, I baste mine every hour or so. Right now it's covered with tin foil because I didn't want it to get any darker. I also cut lengthwise and then crosswise because the skin is tough and hard to get the cloves in. Doing this makes for a prettier ham anyway I think.

Easy Ham Glaze

Equal parts: 
Ginger Ale
pineapple juice 

Mix together and baste your ham every hour or so. It caramelizes so you may have to cover your ham after hour two with tin foil. Also put a bit of water in your roasting pan so the juices don't burn to the bottom of your pan. I put cloves in my ham too with some extra pineapple rings. The rings are delicious when baked.
picture of hams of the past

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