Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pork Belly Hash with Sunny Side Up Eggs

I was a over easy girl for many years and recently re-discovered sunny side up eggs. I got home from work this morning feeling a bit sassy. I bought some pork belly for some collard greens I am going to make Saturday or Sunday and decided to make a hash. (Today was not a turkey bacon day!)

I have made hashes before with ham or chorizo but this was my first time using salt pork or pork belly. It is very, very salty which works perfectly with the eggs. I like my bacon a bit crispy, but you can adjust how well you want it done. I cut mine from top to bottom so it looked like the thickest bacon ever. I almost didn't share with my husband!

I boiled 5 medium potatoes with the skins on for 25 minutes. I drained out the water and then covered them with cold water. When they were cool to the touch I made them into cubes. You can add whatever veggies you like to your hash. If you are adding green peppers and onions, give them a quick fry in a saute pan first with some butter. to soften them up.

I started the pork belly in a dry pan first hoping it would start on its own to render the fat. It needed a little help and I added a tsp. of oil.

Next I fried the pork belly until a bit crispy and let it drain on some paper towels. Don't discard the grease. Into the hot frying pan, I added the potatoes and fried them until they had a crisp on the outside. Then I added the pork belly back in and gave it a toss and some salt and pepper.

In another frying pan, I put a pat of butter, swirled it around and then placed two large eggs in. Then I did nothing but watch them until the whites were no longer opaque and set. Since I had to share, we each got one. I love how when you break into the egg it's contents spill all over the potatoes. Yum!

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