Sunday, July 29, 2012

Back From the Hospital...Taking It Easy

My youngest daughter Claire who is nearly 7 has been battling an illness with her gall bladder for the last year. We had seen a Gastro specialist but they weren't treating her for her gall bladder and only giving her medicine to mask her symptoms. We finally found a surgeon who ran a Hida scan and found out my daughter's gall bladder wasn't functioning. We were told she would need surgery. It felt great that someone finally listened to us and was able to help us.

We stayed at the hospital for two nights. Recovery has been slow. She's hardly eating and is still having trouble with eating and stomach acid. We were hoping this would be the end to our problem. However, when they took out the gall bladder it was really unusual. In-fact, the doctor had never seen one like it. It looks like an alien with different lesions and pockets.  There was also damage to her liver. They did a liver biopsy also. This is where the internet can drive you crazy. I have been researching to find out what her disease or cause of this is. The doctor doesn't think it's malignant. I am not sure if her liver will recover or part of it will need to be resected? What was supposed to be a routine surgery has now got me in Mommy mode.  I hope to have pathology results by the end of this coming week. In the mean time I am going crazy!

I have been cooking comfort food for her and for me in a way. I made a huge pot of chicken dumpling soup. Sunday is our special breakfast day. Sleeping Beauty slept through breakfast and only took a few bites when she woke up. The poor girl was only 40lbs. I am sure she has lost some weight. Deep Breaths....

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