Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wisconsin Dells Night 1

I needed these during and after my vacation!

It's been a very long week! We went to the Wisconsin Dells the 15-17th and then by my Aunt's house yesterday. We have been eating like pigs the whole week! Our first night at the Dells we at at Marley's. We have been having a lot of trouble with our GPS. It keeps saying "We have arrived!," when we are nowhere near the place. This happened several times throughout the week. We eventually made it to Marley's named after Bob Marley. It is painted just like the houses we saw in the Bahamas, brightly! Here is the food porn. We brought along one of my older daughters' friends.

Our appetizer was a mixture of french fries, onion rings, chicken strips and cheese curds (or so they told me!) It came in a cute bucket.  Another cute feature is we were able to draw on the table cloth with crayons. It seemed like our meal was taking forever.
I ordered the jerk pork and chicken. It was spicy and delicious! It came with rice and beans, greens, and a mango salsa.
The hubby ordered a bourbon shrimp, while the girls each had a pasta dish. I think I got the best out of the bunch. And it was happy hour so Mama was happy:)

So back to the GPS. My oldest baby sat while my hubby went out for a night of fun. Needless to say, the GPS got us very lost. We got a nice scenic view of Reedsburg.

More on our Wisconsin Dells adventures tomorrow.

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