Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dream Dance Steak at Potawatomi Review of Morel Mushroom Dinner

Here is the review I wrote on about my recent win for a dinner of four to Dream Dance Steak. This dinner for four would have cost $85.00 per person but I got it for free along with the wines paired with each of the 5 dishes. 

I entered a contest on the Potawatomi facebook page and ended up winning a table for four at the sold out Morel Mushroom dinner. I had alway wanted to dine here but thought the price point was way out of my league. I also thought that the place would be too fancy for me. It has changed concept in the last few years and become a steak house.  The closest thing I have eaten for fine dining is on the Disney Dream cruise ship and MATC's Cuisine Restaurant. There were people dressed in a wide range of clothes from dressy to casual.  We are just normal everyday people. 

I was so wrong with all of my preconceived notions.  The staff was very welcoming and knowledgable. Our waiter was awesome and made us feel at ease. The chef even came out and spoke to us and he was very personable and down to earth.  Our dinner came with a wine paired with each of the five courses. Our table was initially full of glasses.  The ambiance is perfect for that romantic dinner or a nice dinner with friends.  The price of this special dinner if we would have paid would have been $85.00 a person.  I am not admitting to being cheap but this is way out of our price point. 

Now lets get to the food.  Our first course was a sugar snap pea panna cotta. It came in this cute little mason jar. It had a crispy morel mushroom on it and was delicious. It tasted inbetween creamy avocados and snap peas. There was a crispy contrast with some julienned snap peas on top. 

The second course was a smoked morel pork galantine. This was a type of cold pork sausage on top of a salad with morels. I loved it but we had some picky eaters in my group. I heard that they are making and curing a lot of their own meats in the restaurant. 

Next was a duck consomme that had a rich mushroom broth. There was bits of duck confit in it along with a soft boiled duck egg. Delish! The egg was cracked in the soup and made a creamy broth. 

The fourth course was deconstructed beef Wellington. I was expecting more from this dish. It is a steak house after all and the steak was cooked to perfection but the puff pastry was a small little sliver placed on top. Normally there is a ducksel complete with mushrooms inside the puff pastry but the mushrooms were on the side. Again we didn't have a choice as to how done the steak was. I like medium rare but others in my group did not. 

The dessert was Ricotta Cheesecake with smoky candied hazelnuts and a candied morel. You would have never know there was a mushroom on top. 

Everything was wonderful and although I like sweeter wines, I thought the pairings were good.  I would love to come back and had a wonderful time. This may be reserved for special occasions or if I win in the casino.

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