Sunday, September 23, 2012

Return to Chicago: Madonna and Our food Adventures

Wednesday September 19 has been a day I have been building up in my head and planning for at least 8 months. I thought Madonna was a once in a life time experience. She's 54 and I don't know if she will be touring anymore. I planned out where we were going to eat and visit. Luckily I payed for everything pretty much in advance because my hubby just took a huge pay cut.  I found a hotel named ACME on Groupon and it was right in the heart of everything. We live only a hour and half from the Windy City but haven't been there for 14 years since our honeymoon.

First thing we did, even though we used Google maps, is walk about 3 blocks in the wrong direction. We finally got ourselves turned around to walk to a restaurant  my hubby and I have wanted to try, Rick Bayless'    XOCO.  What was supposed to be a short 4 minute walk was a marathon 45 minute walk. Not close at all. When we got there, the place was packed and there was nowhere to sit but outside. You get into a line inside and are asked if you are dining in. Then you are given menus. They read like a juicy novel of eveything Mexican you would want to eat from tortas, to caldos (soups), and churros.  I ordered the aqua del dia which was made with cucumber, mint, and a simple syrup. My entree' was the pork carnitas torta. We ordered salsa and chips but didn't need them. Hubby had the chorizo torta which wasn't spicy at all. Mine however came in a spicy tomato broth that had me turning red in the face. But I loved it! The meal was about $30 for the two of us.

aqua del dia
We then headed off to our hotel. We got to the Hard Rock cafe and kept on walking when we should have turned down that block. We walked about 7 blocks out of the way! We got to the hotel and loved the trendy parts of it. There is a huge zipper on the wall, the fixtures are modern, the room is very clean and new, and very small. But that was ok because we weren't in the room for long. It was perfect for the two of us. The bedding was some of the best I have ever slept in. This is our new go to place.  More about our Chicago adventures tomorrow.

pork carnitas

ACME Hotel Company

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