Saturday, March 10, 2012

Milwaukee's First Ever Yelp! Bash...

I love to eat (obviously) and consider myself a foodie hence the name tinkmomfoodie. Another thing I like to do is review places I've eaten. I've found the perfect place besides here to do that. It's called Yelp! I love it because it has real people just like me who like to eat and talk about their experiences.

Last night Yelp! held their first annual Milwaukee bash. I hope they will make this an annual thing at least! There were a few vendors there and I hope there will be more next time.

We tried a fantastic hash from Blue Egg and a Jambalaya (vegetarian) from Maxie's.
Our favorite though was Jake's Delli with a fantastic Pastrami sandwich on a pretzel roll. There was also a tea place I have to try here in Bay view. I think the name was Richi. Also there was a place that makes their own sausage and shows how to butcher a pig. I really want to go!

There were also vendors like the House of Harley. My hubby won a very heavy crystal caraffe. Great Lakes Distillery was also in attendance and we sampled some rum. I also bought the Groupon for them. I love Groupon because as a foodie it gives me the chance to dine at places I might not normally. They too are in almost every city.

I hope next years bash will be even better and I also hope I get invited back.

My Yelp! Booty (Excuse the mess!)

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