Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Breakfast Sausage/Pancake Donut Holes

I am so happy to be using my donut hole maker I got for Christmas! Let me rephrase that. The donut hole maker I was supposed to get for Christmas but was all sold I didn't get it until about two weeks ago...(((breathe)))!

This morning I whipped up some yummy pancake and sausage donut holes. They took about 6 minutes to make and were very filling. Here is what I did.

Pancake and Sausage Donut Holes

Complete Pan Cake Mix
1 Box microwavable banquet sausages
1 donut whole maker

Follow the directions for making the pancake batter. Cut each sausage into fourths. My batter made 2 cups. Use a two TBSP measure for adding batter to the donut maker. Into the middle of each batter mold place a piece of sausage. Close maker and bake for 6 minutes. Check for doneness and serve with syrup.

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