Sunday, February 7, 2016

Denver Omelet Devilled Eggs

I saw the Denver Omelet Devilled Eggs on the internet and they seemed like they'd be delicious! I
was right! They are a bit more work than the standard devilled egg but can be prepared ahead of time.

Denver Omelet Devilled Eggs

1 dozen eggs hard boiled, peeled, and cooled
1/4-1/2 cup Mayo
1-2 tsp mustard
1 tsp mustard powder
1/4 tsp cayenne or 1/4 tsp. red pepper flakes
salt and pepper

The Breading
1 cup Panko bread crumbs
1 cup flour
1 egg beaten
1/4 c. milk
salt for seasoning
2 inches Canola oil for frying

The Topping
1/2 finely diced green bell pepper
2 pieces finely diced ham or pancetta

Cut the eggs down the middle and separate the yolks from the whites. Use a fork to mash the yolks. Add the mustard powder, mustard, and gradually add the Mayo. Lastly add the salt and pepper if desired along with the cayenne. Let cool in the refrigerator.

Heat the oil. Remember FEB. That's how you will dip the egg whites. Flour, Egg (beaten with the milk) , and Breading. A few at a time, place the breaded egg whites in the oil. Fry until golden which is 1-2 minutes. Remove to a paper towel covered plate and cool. Season with salt. Once completely cooled, add the filling in with a spoon.

In a frying pan crisp the pancetta or ham. Drain on a paper towel. Top each egg with the ham and green pepper.

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